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Becoming A Firefighter

Minimum Qualifications

1. State Certification as FF II (NFPA 1001, 1992 Edition)
2. Missouri State E.M.T. Certification
3. High School Diploma or GED
4. No felony convictions

How do I receive Firefighter I & II Certification?

The State of Missouri, through the Division of Public Safety, regulates and authorizes the standardized Firefighter I & II curriculum. All Fire Districts and Fire Departments in St Charles, Lincoln and Jefferson counties will accept any State approved F.F. I & II program.
The St. Charles County Fire Academy has been approved by the State of Missouri to deliver the F.F. I & II program.
If you want to become a Firefighter in St. Louis County, Missouri you must attend the St Louis County Fire Academy. Their F.F. I & II program has been authorized by the State of Missouri. (Call them directly at 314-889-8670.)
If you want to work for a St. Louis City Fire Department click here.

How do I enroll in the St Charles County Fire Academy?

Locate the fire department that protects your home or property. Contact that department and ask about sponsorship into the fire academy. Each department has different guidelines for sponsorship.

If your property is protected by CCFR, contact the Assistant Chief of Departmental and Professional Services about sponsorship. (Call 636-970-9700, extension 402.)

What is the timeline of the application process?

The Fire Academy usually starts the first week of January. The application period begins around October 1st. Contact the Assistant Chief of Departmental and Professional Services the last week of August for the application dates and instructions on how to apply.
After you have applied, the Fire Chief will review your application and forward approved applications to the Board of Directors. The Board then will make the final determination as to whom CCFR will sponsor.
All applicants will be notified by mail as to the status of their application. The successful candidate(s) will be asked to report to the Assistant Chief of Departmental and Professional Services for further instructions.

What is the cost to attend the Fire Academy?

The current cost is approximately $2,200, which covers books uniform shirt and incidentals. The student is responsible for covering this cost.

Are there other costs?

If you have been accepted to the Academy, you will need the following items that your tuition does not cover:
• Police Background check
• A complete physical
• Navy blue pants (specific type)
• Black belt (garrison)
• Black boots

When does the Academy meet?

The Academy meets 3 weeknight evenings from 7-10 p.m., and Saturdays from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. You are only allowed 2 absences from class. No refunds. Graduation ceremonies are held in June/July.  

Are there written exams?

There is a written exam each week to measure your mastery of each subject. To pass the class, you must keep a minimum score as determined by the State for each written exam. In addition, you must pass skills tests along the way in order to progress in the class.

How do I receive Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Certification?

Contact the St. Charles County aambulance District about their program costs and delivery. Call 636-441-1354 or visit their website.
St Louis Community College at Forest Park also offers an EMT program. There may also be other classes available through other agencies.

What happens if I successfully complete the Fire Academy?

Completing the Fire Academy does not guarantee anyone a job. Once through the Fire Academy, you will then start your job search.
If you have additional questions, you may contact the Assistant Chief of Departmental and Professional Services at 636-970-9700, extension 402.