Assistant Chief Brian Ochs

For more than 34 years Brian Ochs has been a member of the fire service. As the Assistant Chief of Operations Brian is responsible for the daily and long term management and staffing of suppression personnel. He is also responsible for buildings, apparatus and firefighting equipment and responds to all first alarm or special alarms within the fire district.

Born and raised in St. Charles, Brian joined St. Charles Fire Protection District (SCFPD) as a junior firefighter in 1967. Prior to becoming Chief of SCFPD in 1990, Brian served as a police officer in St. Charles County as well as volunteer Chief of SCFPD.

In 1998, after the consolidation of St. Charles Fire Protection District and St. Peters Fire Protection District, Brian became an Assistant Chief for Central County Fire and Rescue. Chief Ochs also served as the Vice President of the Missouri Fire Chief's Association.