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TriStar Products has recalled more than 1.4 million of its AquaRug shower rugs, which have been found to pose a fall hazard to users. The four suction cups on the rugs' undersides can fail to prevent slipping. The company has received 60 reports of consumers falling in the shower or bathtub, including 30 reports that included injuries such as bruises, cuts, and fractured or broken bones.

If you purchased one of these rugs — sold at Bed Bath and Beyond, Dollar General and other retailers, — click here for instructions on how to dispose of the rugs and to obtain a free replacement.

Thank you for your continued involvement and commitment to ensuring quality emergency services for our community.

One component of your SAFE-T Plan was to ensure that all CCFR stations could house a minimum of four firefighters per shift. The updating of Station #4 now meets this recommendation. The project, which was started with a planning stage two years ago, was recently completed.

Improvements include: an additional 2,066 sq. ft. of space, a physical training area, an equipment repair and storage room, a decontamination room, 
an emergency generator to supply the station during power outages, and a new roof.

See the improvements first-hand at an Open House on Saturday, Nov. 5 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Station #4, 
1259 Cave Springs Blvd.

The new Station #2 will be located at 109 McMenamy Road.

Advantages of New Location
  • Allows for faster emergency response to more residents
  • Allows for an increased coverage area
  • Moves the station closer to where more emergency calls originate
  • Removes the need to cross Highway 70 to respond to the majority of calls
  • Allows for the Battalion Chief to be in a more central location
Improved Response Times

2011 Emergency Incidents • 4 Minute or Less Response Time Service Area

  • 4 minute or less response time from Main St. (Current Location) • 1,350 calls
  • 4 minute or less response time from McMenamy Rd. (New Location) • 1,990 calls
  • 640 incidents would have had faster responses from the new location

Click here to learn about the new buidling,
and let us know what you think of the propsed new Station #2.
Advantages of Proposed New Station
  • Layout allows for optimal response times
  • Can house four firefighter/EMTs and Battalion Chief
  • More central location for Battalion Chief on duty
  • Can house up-to-date equipment
Proposed Floorplan

Funding the New Building

The new station will be constructed with existing funds, which were approved through the SAFE-T Plan. With interest rates being historically low, CCFR is looking at the possibility of financing this project over several years to reduce the impact on the District's annual budget. The final cost of the project will be determined after the construction bidding process is completed in mid-2012.

anticipated Timeline

Through February 1, 2012
Gather Community Feedback

Late Spring 2012
Finalize Building Plans

Early Summer 2012

Spring 2013
Station #2 Complete


Click here to provide feedback on the proposed new Station #2.

Two Local Companies Join Forces to Implement Unique Program
 For Central County Fire & Rescue Community

community-trailer2Family photos, high school diplomas and treasured mementoes are only a few of the things victims of home fires hope to salvage after the flames are under control. But, once the family salvages these items what do they do with them while their home is unlivable, and open to elements of the outdoors? With the help of the community, firefighters of Central County Fire & Rescue (CCFR) have created a unique solution, the Community Outreach Trailer.