Prepare For The Inspection - Central County Fire & Rescue

Prepare For The Inspection

All occupancy and annual business inspections will check for compliance with codes adopted by fire district ordinance. The following is list of items that will be inspected. It is meant to be a helpful guide but is not all-inclusive.


  • Fire lanes must be clearly marked and legible
  • Fire hydrants must have a clearance of 5 feet and be clearly visible
  • Address numbers must be min 6 inches in height, 1 inches stroke width, and of contrasting color
    • It is highly recommended rear doors also be labeled
  • Fire Department Connection must be provided with an approved FDC sign in good condition (please ask for specifications if needed)
  • Any combustible materials stored outside must be a minimum of 10 feet from the building
  • A Knox box must be provided for all buildings with a fire alarm and/or sprinkler system.
    • Current building keys must be in the Knox box at all times


  • Exit signs and emergency lights must be illuminated on both primary and secondary power and in good working order
  • All means of egress must be unobstructed and free of storage
  • All exit doors must open freely and must remain unlocked during business hours
  • Maintain a clearance of storage 18 inches below sprinkler heads, or 24 inches from ceilings in non- sprinklered buildings
  • Do not store combustible materials in electrical, boiler, and mechanical rooms or in stairwells
  • Storage is not allowed in front of electrical panels.
    • Provide a clearance of 30 inches in width, 36 inches in front, for a height of 78 inches
    • Electric panel breakers must be clearly labeled.
  • Electrical, sprinkler, and fire alarm control panel rooms shall be labeled properly
  • Compressed gas cylinders must be secured properly
  • Fire extinguishers must be provided and mounted no more than 60 inches above the floor (measured to the top of the extinguisher)
    • In most businesses, a 5 lb. ABC type extinguisher is required within 75 feet of access
    • Some businesses may require larger and/or different types of extinguishers depending on the hazards present
  • Multi-plug adapters and/or non-fused power strips may not be used
    • Power cords may not be used for permanent wiring
  • All electrical receptacles, light switches, junction boxes, etc. must have covers/faceplates

Testing/Inspection Paperwork

  • A copy of these inspections/tests must be readily accessible on the premises
  • Annual inspection/testing is required on all fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems as well as private fire hydrants
  • Kitchen hood systems must be inspected bi-annually
  • Kitchen hood systems/grease ducts must be cleaned bi-annually (more frequently in some cases)