Site Plan Checklist - Central County Fire & Rescue

Site Plan Checklist

Preparing for your fire district site plan inspection? The following is list of items that will be inspected. This is meant to be a helpful guide but is not all-inclusive.

Fire Hydrants

  • Hydrant spacing is less than 300 feet
  • Hydrant distance from FDC is less than 150 feet
  • Hydrants are 3-Way 5.25″ Barrel
  • Hydrants are 40 to 50 feet from building and outside of collapse zone
  • Hydrants are located on islands or protected from being struck
  • There are no physical obstructions within a five foot radius of the hydrants
  • There are no visual obstructions to the hydrants
  • Hydrants distance to road is less than 20 feet
  • Hydrants are painted appropriate color:
    • Private hydrants are painted red
    • Bonnet is color coded by flow
    • Hydrants on fire pumps have caps painted black

Fire Department Access

  • Fire department access road provided if any part of building is more than 300 feet from hydrant
  • Fire department access road provided if any part inside of building is 150 feet from hydrant
  • Fire department access road is more than 20 feet wide
  • Fire department access road is sufficient for apparatus weight of 82,000 pounds
  • Fire department access road vertical clearance is more than 13 feet six inches.
  • Fire department access road with a dead end in excess of 150 feet shall be provided with approved turn-around
  • Security gates provided with Knox switch or approved devices for emergency operation
  • Fire department access road outside turn radius of 42 feet or more