Fire and emergency prevention save lives. The CCFR permit process ensures the safety of everyone in our community by helping prevent emergency situations.

If you have any questions about the permit process please email us or call 636.970.9700.

Burn Permits

Commercial burn permits are mainly for land clearing. They ensure that:

  • There are low smoke emissions from the burn
  • No inappropriate materials are being burned
  • Only natural vegetation is being burned

These permits require prior approval from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. There is a $2,500 deposit for a commercial burn permit. First time violation of a burn permit is $500; second violation results in the forfeiture of the remaining deposits.

Residential burns permits are for the burning of natural vegetation. These burns can only take place between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and must be at least 50 feet away from the building. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources specifically prohibits the burning of leaves.

Bonfires or waste/rubbish fires within the boundaries of Central County Fire & Rescue are required to have a permit from the CCFR Fire Marshal.

Burn Permit Requirements


Fire Prevention Site Plan Permit

This permit is required when a new or existing building addition is proposed. The Fire District looks for access by fire apparatus, adequate and proper placement of fire hydrants and location of all access points to the building. Two printed copies of the site plan and one copy on a CD in a .DXF format is required for review. A $100 permit review fee is required upon application of permit.

Fire Prevention Site Plan Permit Application


Fire Prevention Construction Permit

The fire prevention construction permit ensures that new multi-family and commercial buildings are safe by checking items such as sprinklers, smoke detectors, fire alarms, types of construction, proposed use type and adequate exit access and egress. Two sets of plans that have been signed and sealed by a licensed Missouri architect or engineer are required for submission. The fee is calculated based on most current fee cost factor from the International Code Council.

Fire Prevention Construction Permit Application


Fire Prevention Occupancy Permit

Once a building is finished and the tenant has moved in, but before opening for business, an occupancy permit is required. This ensures safety in the building for the business in case of an emergency after business hours. For example, the exits are checked to make sure they are easy to get to and not blocked and fire extinguisher placement is reviewed. This also allows CCFR to gather important contact information for the business. A completed application and submission fee of $50 is required upon application.

Occupancy Permit Application


Special Use Permit

A special use permit is used for a one-time temporary event where a large number of people will be present. These events may include a large craft fair, concert or public display of fireworks. CCFR checks to make sure there is an ability to escape in an emergency and that emergency responders can get in and out of the area safely with their equipment.

Special Use Permit