Can I Burn This? - Central County Fire & Rescue

Can I Burn This?

Fire pits are increasingly popular outdoor accessories, but what’s safe and what’s not?

Open burning is prohibited within CCFR’s boundaries. Open burning includes burning construction debris, yard waste, trash and other materials that are not seasoned firewood. 

Residents are allowed to burn seasoned firewood in a commercially purchased or professionally built fire pit.  It is important to keep a fire extinguisher nearby and to remove all dried leaves and other foliage before using these fire pits. The fire pit should also be placed on a level surface away from the home and other structures such as decks. Ashes should be disposed of in a metal container that is stored at least 6 feet from the house, deck or garage. 

If you have questions about open burning or constructing or using a fire pit, contact us by calling 636.970.9700 or emailing [email protected]