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Central County Fire Rescue Replacing Rescue Boats – Offering Two Boats For Sale

In an exciting move to enhance our emergency response capabilities, Central County Fire Rescue is offering a unique opportunity to purchase two well-maintained rescue boats. With the passage of Prop F in November 2022 via overwhelming support from voters, the District is updating its water rescue response equipment. With the recent acquisition of brand-new vessels, these boats are now available for sale, providing an excellent chance for individuals or organizations to bolster their own fleet while supporting our community’s safety efforts.

Boat 1: The District is parting with a rugged and reliable RescueONE Connector boat that was originally purchased with grant funds and has faithfully served our community for many years.  This boat comes equipped with ample storage and a powerful engine, making it an ideal choice for water rescue operations, flood response, and general utility on rivers and lakes.

Boat 2: Additionally, a 13-foot inflatable boat, perfect for swift-water rescues and flood emergencies, is also available. This versatile vessel boasts high maneuverability and stability, along with ample deck space for equipment and personnel, making it an invaluable asset for any emergency response team.

By purchasing these boats, you not only acquire dependable watercraft that have been well maintained by the District, but also contribute to the District’s ongoing mission of “Working Together, Keeping You Safe“. The funds raised from the sale of these boats will be reinvested into further enhancing our water rescue response abilities.

View pictures and specifications HERE.

Don’t miss this chance to acquire top-quality rescue boats and support CCFR’s commitment to safety. Act quickly as these boats are in high demand. Your investment could make a significant difference in our community’s safety efforts.

To inquire about the bid process and/or schedule a viewing, contact Assistant Chief Bryan Steinmeyer via phone or email:

  • 636-970-9700 ext. 102
  • bsteinmeyer@centralcountyfire.org

Working Together, Keeping You Safe