Could Your Home Remodel Go Up In Smoke? - Central County Fire & Rescue

Could Your Home Remodel Go Up In Smoke?

A pile of construction debris and sawdust mixed with an empty water bottle and a cigarette butt became a dangerous combination last week. A local homeowner was having work done on his home and had requested that the workers not smoke inside the home. During a break, one of the workers went outside to smoke a cigarette and left it burning in a pile of debris. This story is becoming all too common. In the past year CCFR has seen at least six fires caused by the inappropriate disposal of cigarettes.

“Areas such as dried out flower pots, construction debris and beds full of dried leaves are a recipe for a fire,” explains CCFR Chief Russ Mason. “Once the fire starts the highly combustible vinyl siding can quickly send the whole house up in flames.”

To make sure your house isn’t next be sure to inform your contractors that you do not want them smoking on your property. When you get home check the construction site and the outside of your home to make sure no cigarettes were left burning. If someone is smoking outside, the cigarette should be disposed of in an outdoor ashtray.