There are more than 20 vehicles in the CCFR fleet. These vehicles allow the District to respond to a variety of emergency situations.

Rescue Pumpers

Fire Department Equipment at CCFR

Rescue pumpers are fire trucks that not only have the capability of putting a fire out, but also carry specialized equipment to handle medical, motor vehicle crashes and heavy rescue calls. Some of the additional equipment carried on the truck includes an automatic external defibrillator, hydraulic rescue tools, high pressure air bags and hazardous material response suits.


Aerial Trucks

Equipment for CCFR

An aerial truck, often known as a ladder truck, is equipped with a large hydraulically operated ladder, a large assortment of ground ladders and specialized tools to force entry and cut open a structure through the roof. The two aerial trucks operated by CCFR have the capability of reaching 100 feet in the air. 9542 which is the aerial truck located at the Cave Springs fire station also has a rescue basket on the end of the ladder which allows firefighters to remove multiple victims from a multi-story building at one time. 


Brush Trucks

Brush trucks are small light weight fire trucks that have the capabilities to drive off road. They are specialized with equipment to handle natural cover or grass fires, vehicle or structure fires that are not near a paved surface where a normal fire truck could reach. They carry water, fire hose, rakes, shovels, blowers and chain saws.



How Fire Trucks Are Numbered

Fire   Department Equipment at CCFR

Central County Fire & Rescue’s trucks are numbered using a uniform number scheme that was adopted by area fire departments. The number consists of 4 digits. The first two digits are the designation of the department. The designation for Central County Fire & Rescue units is “95”. The third digit corresponds to the station that the truck originates from. The exception to this rule is when the number “0” is used for this digit. The “0” is used to designate a fire department officer or administrative staff. The fourth and last digit in this number corresponds to the apparatus type.


The following list contains the apparatus type referred to by the fourth digit.

0 = Pumper
1 = Pumper
2 = Aerial, Pumper/Aerial, or Quint
3 = Tanker or Pumper/Tanker
4 = Rescue Pumper
5 = Pumper/Rescue/Aerial
6 = Rescue Squad
7 = Ambulance (EMS Unit)
8 = Brush Unit

9 = Specialized Equipment

9500 Chief’s Vehicle
9502 Assistant Chief
9503 Assistant Chief
9504 Assistant Chief
9505 Prevention
9507 Prevention
9508 Prevention
Station 1
9506 Battalion Chief
9512 Pierce 100′ Aerial Ladder
9514 Pierce Pumper/Rescue
Haz-Mat 1 Hazardous Materials Command Vehicle
Station 2
9524 Pierce Pumper/Rescue

Rescue Boat
Station 3
9534 Pierce Pumpe/Rescue
9539 Utility Truck w/Smoke Safety Trailer
Station 4
9542 Pierce 105′ Aerial Platform
9546 USAR Rescue Vehicle w/Trailer
9549 Ford F-350 Utility Rescue Truck w/Trailer
Station 5
9550 E-One Pumper/Rescue (Reserve)
9554 Pierce Pumper/Rescue
Station 6
9560 Pierce Pumper/Rescue (Reserve)
9564 Pierce Pumper/Rescue
9568 Dodge Brush Truck