Stop The Water! - Central County Fire & Rescue

Stop The Water!

Firefighters usually turn on the hoses when they get to the scene of an emergency, but recently they came to the rescue of a flooding home.

It was a holiday weekend and the water rushed into the basement, turning the room into a six-inch deep lake. The local family tried to stop the flow of water, but realized it was beyond their control and called 911. Acting Captain Barter, Acting Engineer Powell and Firefighter Cross arrived on the scene, helped shut off the rushing water and turned off the electricity to keep the family safe. After talking with them, the firefighters realized the family needed their help to get their water and power back up and running.

Using power from their fire truck the team was able to pump the water out of the basement and fix the problem. Before they left the scene the family had running water and electricity.

“We are proud of this team that went above and beyond to ensure the safety of this local family,” explains Chief Russ Mason.