Preventing Mayday - Central County Fire & Rescue

Preventing Mayday

Preventing the Mayday, Saving Firefighters. 

Live-training program to teach St. Charles County Firefighters how to stay safe at fire scenes.

There is no other call more challenging to a firefighter than the MAYDAY call, the unthinkable moment when a firefighter’s personal safety is in imminent danger.

Firefighter fatality data has shown that fire fighters becoming trapped, disoriented, and running out of air represent the largest portion of structural fire ground fatalities.

Even the most experienced firefighter can become lost, injured or disorientated in the smoky darkness of a fire. With the proper training, the chances of survival in these situations dramatically increase; which is why throughout the months of March and April, firefighters in St. Charles County will complete the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Fire Ground Survival (FGS) Training Program.

The course is a comprehensive curriculum developed using real firefighter injury and fatality reports. “The FGS course is all about the firefighters being prepared to save themselves,” said Assistant Chief Dean Everett from the Cottleville Fire Protection District.

“The consistency of training among every firefighter in the county will allow all of us to work together with the same lifesaving skills at a fire scene, It’s a play book, for the firefighters to follow if they become trapped, lost, or disoriented before running out of air,” said Assistant Chief Dan Rigdon from the Central County Fire and Rescue.

Over 300 Firefighters and Fire Chiefs will train together during the 18 days of training.

The following departments will participate. Central County Fire and Rescue, Cottleville Fire Protection District, Lake St Louis Fire Protection District, New Melle Fire Protection District, O’Fallon Fire Protection District, St. Charles City Fire, and the Wentzville Fire Protection District.