Meet Jeremy Loehrer - Central County Fire & Rescue

Meet Jeremy Loehrer

Jeremy LoehereJeremy Loehrer, a firefighter and a twin, was raised around the firehouse and always wanted to be a firefighter. He wants to uphold the honor that comes with the job his father held throughout his childhood.

When asked to describe his typical day, Jeremy says he arrives at 6:30 am. Then he checks his equipment along with the other equipment on the truck. After that, he logs onto the computer and checks his emails to see what’s going on in the department. Next he does housekeeping or other maintenance around the firehouse that needs to be done. Jeremy does all of this, of course, with a close ear on the tones as he waits for that next call.

Jeremy notes that most people don’t realize firefighters work a 48-hour shift. His favorite things about his job are the positive outcomes from helping patients and the general public.

Outside of work, Jeremy likes to hunt, fish and golf. “I mostly just like to be outside,” he says.