Preventing A Tragedy - Central County Fire & Rescue

Preventing A Tragedy

A fire at a Brazilian nightclub recently took the lives of more than 225 people. CCFR has steps in place to try to help avoid such a tragedy in our area.


“Places such as night clubs, bars and restaurants that have a occupancy load greater than 100 are set to a high standard for public safety in our area,” says CCFR Chief Russ Mason.


Within CCFR any venues such as restaurants, bars and nightclubs that have an occupancy limit higher than 100 are required to have:

  • A functioning sprinkler system
  • Emergency exits with clear access and marked with illuminated exit signs
  • Emergency lights that are pre-positioned to light the path to the door.
  • Front or main entrances that can handle at least 50 percent of the total occupancy load

“Because human nature is to go out the same way you came in, we make sure the main entrance can handle a large influx of people,” says Mason.

In addition to securing these venues, “Large special events require a special use permit where the facility, stage area and any props or equipment are checked for compliance before the crowed is allowed to enter,” says Mason. Any pyrotechnics or special effects are also inspected, tested and licensed operators are required.

“From a comedy club to Christian rock concert to an Olympic festival at the Rec-Plex, all large events are reviewed, inspected and monitored for compliance from set-up to the closing of the event,” says Mason.

“We are lucky to have a good partnership with our local businesses and organizations. Everyone works together to keep our citizens and visitors safe while they are enjoying special events and activities in our community,” says Mason.