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Prop. S Facts

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Prop. S • A No-Tax-Rate Increase Bond Issue To Maintain Emergency Services • Vote April 7

A Community Created Plan

Proposition S would provide funding to continue the community created SAFE-T (Securing a Future of Excellence – Together) plan to maintain our emergency services.

In 2009 the community approved funding for the original SAFE-T plan. Changes in the economy resulted in CCFR losing more than $5 million dollars from decreases in assessed valuation. Assessed value is based on local property values, and as property values decrease so does CCFR’s revenue. This lost revenue could have provided funding for five rescue pumpers and two ladder trucks, as recommended by local residents during the SAFE-T program.

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Not A Tax-Rate Increase

Proposition S would allow the District to issue $16 million in general obligation bonds to enhance training, and update aging equipment and facilities. Much like refinancing a home, the no-tax rate increase bond issue would allow the District to make these improvements without increasing the tax rate.

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Replace Aging Equipment

The majority of the District’s equipment was purchased more than 12 years ago. Because of the tremendous rise in calls and use of equipment since then, repair costs have increased 583% since 2003. All nine fire trucks are due for replacement, along with thermal imaging cameras, firefighter air packs and Jaws of Life rescue tools. Many of these items were due for replacement in 2008.

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Improve Training Programs

If approved, Proposition S would provide funding to update the District’s training center, and ensure emergency responders have the training needed to respond to a wide variety of emergency situations including automobile accidents, hazardous materials incidents and homeland security situations.

Update Outdated Fire Stations

Much like homes, fire stations need regular maintenance. Because of the current financial situation there has not been funding available for some regular maintenance such as driveway and roof repairs at many of the stations. Additional funding would also allow for aging fire stations to be updated and replaced if needed to meet current standards and emergency service needs.

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Remember To Vote Tuesday, April 7

Polls open from 6 a.m. – 7 p.m. Voter registration and polling place information available at or by calling 636-949-7550 or 1-800-822-4012.

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