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Space Heaters


Space heaters need space!

Space heaters annually account for one-third of reported U.S. home heating fires, and four out of five associated civilian deaths. To reduce your risk, follow these guidelines from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the United States Fire Administration (USFA).

  • Keep things that can burn at least 3 feet away from space heaters.
  • Create a 3-foot “kid-free zone” around space heaters.
  • Only use heating equipment with the label of a recognized testing laboratory, and have a qualified professional install stationary space heating equipment according to local codes and manufacturer’s instructions.

For portable electric heaters:

  • Place them on a solid, flat surface, away from high traffic areas and doorways.
  • Turn them off when you go to bed or leave the room.
  • Use and purchase heaters with an automatic shut off so they will turn off if they’re tipped over .
  • Plug power cords directly into outlets and never into an extension cord.
  • Inspect for cracked or damaged, broken plugs or loose connections; replace before using.