Spring Cleaning - Central County Fire & Rescue

Spring Cleaning


Spring cleaning isn’t just clearing your gutters and getting rid of unwanted toys. Here are six easy things to add to your list that will help you protect your home from fire in the year to come.

  • Test your smoke alarms. Replace any alarms you’ve had longer than 10 years.
  • Test your carbon monoxide alarms. Replace any alarms you’ve had longer than seven years.
  • Check your dryer vents and clean the hosing.
  • Clean clutter inside and outside your home. Get rid of large piles of paper or other flammable items, and make sure heat-producing appliances aren’t overcrowded.
  • Check the cords on your appliances. Repair or replace any that are cracked or frayed.
  • Practice your home fire escape plan.

More information and resources available at the U.S. Fire Administration’s website.