Survive and Avoid A Home House Fire - Central County Fire & Rescue

Survive and Avoid A Home House Fire

Escaping-Home-FireIn light of the recent deadly home fire in Connecticut many residents are asking, “How can I protect my family?”

“Preparation and prevention are the keys to avoiding and surviving a home house fire,” explains Central County Fire and Rescue (CCFR) Chief Russ Mason.

CCFR recommends these top three tips to help families prevent and survive a similar situation:

1. Have a well-rehearsed home escape plan.

To create a plan make a map of the house and mark two exits from each room, along with a family meeting place away from the house. Next, check all doors and windows to ensure they are easy to open and not blocked. Safety escape ladders should be easily accessible in all upper level rooms. After the plan is created the family should practice escaping the house during the day, and at night when it is dark.

2. Dispose of fireplace ashes in a metal container away from the house.

Ashes can re-spark a fire up to three days after the original fire is extinguished. Because of this, all ashes should be disposed of in a metal container that is placed at least five feet from the house, or anything else that could catch fire.

3. Have working smoke detectors.

Many homes do not have a working smoke detector. Batteries should be checked and the detectors should be tested at least twice a year. Hardwired, interconnected smoke detector systems are ideal because they can alert everyone in the house no matter where the fire is located.