Brian Beasley - Central County Fire & Rescue

Brian Beasley

Engineer A-Shift

Served Since 1995

Brian Beasley decided to become a firefighter after joining St. Peters Fire Protection District as a volunteer in 1993. His brother in law at the time was already a volunteer there and encouraged him to join as a way to give back to the community.

One evening he went to the firehouse to do his volunteer work, and the crew received a call about a very serious auto accident on Veterans Memorial Parkway. That was the night of his first fire truck ride. He says, “While the ride to the accident was very exciting, it was the action at the scene that really hooked me. My first fire call was a roll-over accident with people trapped. A helicopter landed on I-70 and transported one critically injured person to the hospital. That evening when I returned home, I told my wife that this was the job I was meant do. The opportunity to help people on some of their worst days really interested me.”

Brian was hired full time in June of 1995. He says people would be surprised to learn about the different types of situations firefighters actually handle — they’re not just fires and medical calls. “We have responded to broken water lines in homes, children locked in vehicles and even the famous cat stuck in a tree,” he reports.

A cancer survivor, Brian had one kidney removed at age four and went through chemotherapy and radiation. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, working out and working around the house. He also plays guitar — “But only in my basement with nobody listening,” he says.