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Station #2 Feedback

station-2In 2008 the community recommended that Station #2 be replaced.

Now, the time has come to make this a reality.

Before breaking ground we want to hear what you think about the plan and the proposed new station.


History of Station #2

Current Location: 111 Main St. • St. Peters
Built: 1974 • Modified: 1992
Maximum Firefighter Capacity: 3


The current Station #2 was designed and built for an all-volunteer firefighter department.  At the time, the station could house two fire trucks, and hold department trainings in the meeting room. As the community continued to grow, it became necessary to begin the transition to a full time staffed department.  In 1980 the first three full time firefighters were hired for the District. Over the years more were added as demand increased.


The station was modified to change the meeting room, and one-quarter of the engine bay to living space to accommodate three full-time firefighters.


The community led SAFE-T (Securing A Future of Excellence – Together) Plan recommended that the District add a fourth firefighter/EMT to each engine company to meet national staffing standards. In light of this, the community also recommended that CCFR facilities be modified to accommodate the additional firefighters.

When the SAFE-T participants looked at the current Station #2 building it was determined that the best, most cost effective long-range option was to replace the current building, rather that modify the aging current structure. 


The Board of Directors voted to place the SAFE-T Plan on the April 2009 ballot, and the community approved the proposal. Since the implementation of the Plan the Board and District leadership have strived to accomplish the goals set forth by the community.


After further study, the District found that response times and the effectiveness of the station could be improved by moving it from the north to the south side side of Highway 70.  In 2010 CCFR was able to purchase property at 109 McMenamy Road in hope that a new facility could be built when financing was available.


Current Station #2 Challenges

Limited Space For Up-To-Date Equipment




Overcrowding Throughout



Aging Infrastructure & Facility

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and let us know what you think about the proposed new Station #2.