Flooding - Central County Fire & Rescue


Before the storm

To help prevent damage to your property, and to keep your family safe CCFR recommends that:

  • All downspouts and gutters are completely clear of any debris and functioning properly.
  • All patios, decks and porches are clear of furniture, toys and other items that could be blown or swept away.
  • There is an easily accessible emergency kit with bottled water, flashlights, a NOAA weather radio and batteries.
  • Damaged trees and branches are removed before the storm arrives.
  • Large trees are cut back, away from the home.
  • Home insurance policies cover flood and water damage.

During and immediately following the storms

  • Stay tuned to local radio and television news to stay abreast on storm news.
  • Keep pets indoors, safely away from any flooding or rushing water.
  • Stay indoors, at a high elevation location.
  • Avoid driving. If driving is required, be cautious, and never enter a water covered roadway.
  • Assume that any downed power lines are live and active.
  • Never enter areas that are flooded, especially areas with quickly moving water.

Don’t drive through standing water

  • It may not look deep, but when a road is closed due to flooding it is because the road is impassable.
  • It takes less than 12 inches of water to sweep away a car during a flood.
  • If a road is closed it is because it is impassable, and flooded roads and bridges are also prone to collapse.
  • Driving through a closed roadway can stall your car engine and cause irreversible damage to your car.
  • Turn around, don’t drown.