Keep Safety First This Fourth of July! - Central County Fire & Rescue

Keep Safety First This Fourth of July!

As you break out the barbecue grills, head to the pool, or pack up the family to see the community sponsored fireworks show, remember to keep safety first this Fourth of July.


It is dangerous, and even illegal in the City of St. Peters, to set off fireworks. This Fourth of July leave the fireworks to the professionals. Last year more than 8,000 people ended up in the hospital from injuries sustained while using fireworks. Click here to see a video the damage fireworks can really do, and for fireworks information from the CPSC.


Each year thousands of home fires are started by grills. When you fire up the grill make sure it is at least ten feet away from items such as your home, shrubs, or deck railings to prevent a fire. Also, stay by the grill whenever it is running, and make sure to keep pets and children away. Click here for more grilling safety tips.


Since Memorial Day, there have been 128 drownings and near-drownings around the country. Don’t become a statistic, click here for videos, articles and interactive activities to help you learn how to stay safe at the pool.

Additional Safety Resources:

NFPA Grilling Safety

Home Safety Council

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration