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Two Ways Out

If a fire broke out in your bedroom tonight would you know two ways out?

A well-practiced home escape plan with two ways out of every room saves lives. Take a few minutes to create one for your family tonight.






Creating A Home Escape Plan

  1. Draw a map of your home that marks all doors, windows and smoke alarms.
  2. Review the plan with everyone in the household, especially children.
  3. Visit each room.
    – Find two ways out.
    – Ensure all windows and doors open easily and can be used to get outside.
  4. Pick a meeting place outside in front of your home where everyone will meet in an emergency. Once you’re outside, never go back inside for any reason. It only takes seconds to be overcome and disoriented by smoke. Stay near the front of the house to provide information for fire crews arriving on the scene.
  5. Assign someone to call 911 from a neighbor’s house once everyone is out.

Practice makes it better. Walk through the plan — just like your kids would practice a fire drill at school, it’s important to practice at home.