Deep Fried Turkey Disaster - Central County Fire & Rescue

Deep Fried Turkey Disaster

Turkey fryers are still a popular way to prepare an old Thanksgiving favorite, but they can quickly turn into a deep-fried disaster.

“Deep frying a turkey in hot oil is risky business, putting you and your home in danger,” explains CCFR Chief Russ Mason.  “There are a number of safe options including oil-free fryers you can use to safely cook your Thanksgiving meal.”

NFPA (the National Fire Protection Association) and CCFR urges those who prefer fried turkey to seek out professional establishments, such as grocery stores, specialty food retailers, and restaurants for the preparation of the dish, or consider a oil-less turkey fryer.

For those who plan to use a turkey fryer, despite the risks it is recommended to:
• Keep the fryer in full view while the burner is on.

• Keep children and pets away from the cooking area.

• Place the fryer in an open area away from all walls, decks, fences or other structures.

• Never use in, on, or under a garage, breezeway, carport, porch, deck or any other structure that can catch fire.

• Slowly raise and lower the turkey to reduce splatter and avoid burns. 

• Never cook in short sleeves, shorts, or bare feet. Cover all bare skin when adding or removing bird.

• Protect your eyes with goggles or glasses.

• Immediately turn off fryer if the oil begins to smoke. 

• Make sure the turkey is completely thawed and be careful with marinades. Oil and water don’t mix and water can cause oil to spill over, creating a fire or even an explosion. 

• Don’t overfill fryer with oil. Turkey fryers can ignite in seconds after oil hits the burner.

• Keep a fire extinguisher appropriate for oil fires close at hand and be familiar with how to operate it.

• Do not use a hose in attempts to douse a turkey fryer fire.
• If you are burned, seek immediate medical attention.