A Squirrely House Fire - Central County Fire & Rescue

A Squirrely House Fire

Fire Damage From Squirrel FireSquirrels may look adorable when they are running around your backyard, but if they get into your home they can be more than an annoyance.

Central County Fire and Rescue recently responded to a house fire where squirrels had made the attic their home.

“The squirrels decided to make a nest near several electric wires in the attic. They chewed the wires and started a fire that resulted in major damage,” explains CCFR Chief Russ Mason.

You can see the damage to the home in the photo above, and where the nest that started the fire was located. If you look on the right bottom corner, you can also see where the squirrels had built another nest.

This is not the first time squirrels have caused area house fires. “If you see, or hear, squirrels inside the walls or in the attic we strongly encourage residents to call a professional exterminator immediately to remedy the problem,” says Mason. “It doesn’t take long for them to cause major damage to your home, that could quickly result in a house fire.”