Residents - Central County Fire & Rescue


We all have questions about fire safety and disaster prevention: Is my smoke alarm effective, and did I install it properly? How can I make sure my child’s car safety seat is installed properly? Is my child’s bicycle helmet really going to protect him or her? How can I keep my kitchen fire-safe? How can I keep my elderly parents safe from fire in their home, and in case of a fire, what can I do to ensure they get out in time? What can I do to help myself and others in case of a natural or unnatural disaster?

CCFR is here to help residents, not just by responding to emergencies, but also by educating the community in fire and disaster prevention and management.

For residents, CCFR offers many resources:

  • Checklists, articles, and advice on keeping your home safe
  • Detailed information about types and proper installation and maintenance of smoke detectors
  • Information to help keep older adults safe from fire, including detailed advice about placement of space heaters, proper fire prevention in the kitchen, and effective evacuation in case of a fire
  • A personalized evaluation of your child’s car seat, to ensure that it is installed properly
  • A personalized fitting of bicycle helmets, to ensure that they are effective for you or your child
  • Educational programs for teenagers and young adults interested in careers in fire safety
  • rograms to educate and reach out to the community, making everyone safer and more prepared for emergencies

Take advantage of CCFR’s resources to keep yourself, your family, and community safe!