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downed treeBurning Tornado Debris and Chainsaws Recipes For Another Disaster

Clean up efforts from the Friday, May 31 tornado are in full swing in St. Charles, and are becoming dangerous for residents who are burning trees and storm debris. This is not only dangerous; it is also illegal by Central County Fire Rescue Fire Prevention Ordinance prohibits open burning.

“The St. Charles County Government and City of St. Peters are removing debris at no cost to residents, as long as they cut it down to pieces that are eight-feet long or less, and placed along the curb,” says Central County Fire & Rescue (CCFR) Chief Russ Mason. “Burning this debris is incredibly dangerous, especially with the hazards of building materials and downed power lines that came with the storm.”

Anyone who is found burning debris, violating the ordinance, will be issued a Notice of Violation, which may result in prosecution if the activity is not discontinued.  To arrange for debris pick-up within the City of St. Peters residents should call 636.970.1456 and select option 1. St. Charles County will be monitoring neighborhoods between Highway 40 and the Page Extension, and those along Arena Parkway in unincorporated St. Charles County for pick-ups.

If there are any residents who need assistance getting tree debris to the curb, a team of volunteers from CCFR Community Outreach can help. To arrange for assistance call CCFR Headquarters at 636.970.9700.

Beyond burning debris, chainsaws have become another safety hazard during cleanup efforts. “Chainsaws are very dangerous pieces of equipment, especially when not used properly, or if the operator is tired or careless,” says Mason. Anyone using a chainsaw should follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the utmost care.

Anyone who has questions about how to safely cleanup from the storm should call CCFR at 636.970.9700 or e-mail Assistant Chief Steve Brown at “We are here to help, and would like to prevent any more tragedies in the area,” says Mason.