Heart Stopping Rescue - Central County Fire & Rescue

Heart Stopping Rescue

When Central County Fire & Rescue (CCFR) pulled up to the scene there was a lifeless man lying on the ground and two by-standers vigorously performing CPR trying to revive him.

“The patient was blue, and didn’t have a pulse when we arrived,” explains CCFR Captain Brad Peters who was among the first on the scene.

The firefighters relieved Gary Barton and Gay Trost and took over life-saving measures; starting chest compressions and administering oxygen while the AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) was attached.

As paramedics from the St. Charles County Ambulance District arrived the AED shocked the patient’s heart one time. Paramedics hooked up the AutoPulse, an automated CPR device that straps around a patient’s chest and delivers compressions at a consistent rate and depth.  Shortly after it was activated the patient began breathing on his own and regained a pulse.

“If Mr. Barton and Ms. Trost had not acted as quickly as they did by calling 911 and performing CPR there is a good chance he may not be here today,” says CCFR Chief Russ Mason. “This highlights the importance of everyone learning basic life-saving skills like CPR. You just never know when you may need them.”