Does Your Hydrant Work? - Central County Fire & Rescue

Does Your Hydrant Work?

How do you know if that fire hydrant at the end of your driveway will work when you need it?

CCFR firefighters will spend the next three weeks making sure it will.

Over the next few weeks, CCFR firefighters will inspect all of the 4,000 fire hydrants in the District. They will test each hydrant to make sure:

  • It is not damaged
  • There is a five foot clearance around it
  • It is not being blocked by shrubbery or other items
  • The water pressure is adequate
  • The caps can be taken off and put back on
  • The threads are not stripped on the caps

“This testing ensures that we have easy access to a working hydrant in the event of an emergency,” explains Chief Russ Mason. “We need to make sure the hydrants are not physically or visually obstructed. If they are blocked from firefighters view it could cost precious time during an emergency.”  CCFR’s Fire Prevention Code requires that all fire hydrants have clear area of five feet around and not be visually obstructed from the street view.  

“If residents are home during the testing they may notice that their water is a bit cloudy because of the calcium stirred up in the water lines during the testing. This is not a cause for concern or a danger. The cloudiness will go away within a few hours of the testing,” said Mason.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Administrative office at 636-970-9700 ext. 403.