Improved Station #2 Location - Central County Fire & Rescue

Improved Station #2 Location

The new Station #2 will be located at 109 McMenamy Road.

Advantages of New Location
  • Allows for faster emergency response to more residents
  • Allows for an increased coverage area
  • Moves the station closer to where more emergency calls originate
  • Removes the need to cross Highway 70 to respond to the majority of calls
  • Allows for the Battalion Chief to be in a more central location
Improved Response Times

2011 Emergency Incidents • 4 Minute or Less Response Time Service Area

  • 4 minute or less response time from Main St. (Current Location) • 1,350 calls
  • 4 minute or less response time from McMenamy Rd. (New Location) • 1,990 calls
  • 640 incidents would have had faster responses from the new location

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