Meet New CCFR Board Member David Bell - Central County Fire & Rescue

Meet New CCFR Board Member David Bell

Central County Fire & Rescue’s newest board member, David Bell, is a proud St. Peters resident and an active member of the local community. He strives to be a beacon of hope and to make a difference.

“Being appointed to the board of directors of CCFR is a defining moment in my life,” Bell says. “I want to help. This position allows me to serve those who serve our great community.”

Bell joined the board in January 2018, replacing longtime board member Bob Carpenter after his job took him out of state.

“I was taught as a child to always lend a hand to those in need,” Bell says. “I witnessed my mother spending countless hours volunteering in our community. If there was a school, church, or community initiative, chances are, my mother helped in some way. My father (a former Chicago police officer) volunteered his time to help elderly, sick and needy people in his community with free home repairs and by delivering food baskets. My parents were a driving force in my innate desire to serve.”

Bell adds that losing his mother and father, in 2004 and 2016, respectively, heightened his urge to serve and be part of a strong community.

Bell was thrilled to learn that a position had opened on the CCFR Board of Directors. He began attending open board members to learn more about how the district works, and began building relationships with its leadership. He notes that the individuals he’s met so far have all be very welcoming and willing to answer any questions.

Bell studied engineering and music at SIUE, where he met his wife, a native St. Louisan. The couple has three children. Seven years ago, they moved their family to St. Peters and have since convinced several of his siblings to move their young families to St. Peters as well. Bell’s children attend public schools and are heavily involved in local soccer programs. He has been an employee of the local Reckitt Benckiser factory for over a decade.

“CCFR is not only where I live, it is my life,” Bell says. “Within this district my children learn, play and thrive.

“A safe future for my children is dependent on the effectiveness of the CCFR. As director, I will be able to provide support for the brave men and women who put themselves in harm’s way. We are all the CCFR. We stand together. Together we survive. Together we thrive. The best is yet to come.”