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No Leaf Burning

Leaf Burning Hazard

Leaf burning isn’t just dangerous it’s illegal. Residents need to properly dispose of yard waste and leaves. It only takes a second for a pile of burning leaves to turn into a disaster.

“Something as simple as a change in wind direction can cause a small pile of burning leaves to turn into a large-scale fire,” explains Chief Dan Aubuchon. “We want to make sure residents understand this, and realize that not only is leaf burning dangerous, it is illegal,” he says.

To properly dispose of leaves place them in brown paper yard waste bags for pick up by the local trash company, or use a lawn mower with a good mulching blade. The City of St. Peters also offers optional yard waste carts for those who prefer a more convenient disposal option for yard waste.  To order, call St. Peters City Utilities Billings at (636) 477-6600, Ext. 1217.