Promotions & Retirements - Central County Fire & Rescue

Promotions & Retirements

There are three new captains, one new inspector, one new engineer and three new firefighter-paramedics at CCFR.

The promotions fill positions that were left open following retirements over the last year, three of which happened this summer.

Inspectors Keith Hargrove and Ginger Alcorn, and Administrative Assistant Darlene Clayton recently retired. Hargrove was with CCFR for 34 years; Clayton served for 17 years, and Alcorn was with the District for 12 years.

Captain Jim Densmore, who has been with CCFR for 21 years, was promoted to inspector.  In this role, he will perform fire inspections, conduct plan reviews and assist with fire investigations.

Firefighter Ray Hemenway, who has served for 25 years, and Engineers Tim Mosher and Eric Graham, who have both been with the District for 18 years, were promoted to Captain. They will each lead a three to four person engine company and serve as incident commanders in emergency situations. They will also coordinate, oversee and recommend training for their companies.

In addition to holding their State Firefighter I and II certifications, the new captains also all hold their State Fire Office I certification. Captain Mosher has a Fire Officer II certification and is a licensed EMT and Hazardous Materials Technician. Captain Graham holds an Associates Degree in Applied Science from East Central College and is a licensed EMT-Paramedic. He is a member of the technical rescue team and a fire academy instructor who has his Fire Service Instructor and Incident Safety Officer certifications. He has served as an acting captain since 2002.

Firefighter Dennis Murray, who has been with CCFR for 19 years, was promoted to Engineer. In this role, he is responsible for driving and operating the fire truck during emergency situations.

“We are fortunate to have a strong group of leaders within CCFR. These individuals are going to be a great asset to our team and will be positive leaders for our next generation of firefighters,” Chief Dan Aubuchon says.

Three new firefighter paramedics were hired to fill the vacancies from these promotions. Austin Wuertz, Mike Hollingsworth, and Spencer Garrett all started with the District on July 1.

“Our community is changing, and there is a need for our first responders to have additional medical training, which is why all of our new hires will be certified paramedics in addition to trained firefighters. Our three newest firefighters have the background and skills to provide a range of high-quality emergency services to our residents,” Aubuchon says.