Rapid Assistance for Citizens during Emergencies (RACE) - Central County Fire & Rescue

Rapid Assistance for Citizens during Emergencies (RACE)

Rapid Assistance for Citizens

RACE is a community service program designed to help identify individuals with special needs who may require extra assistance in an emergency.

For example:

  • Senior citizens
  • People with hearing, vision or speech impairments
  • People with physical disabilities, such as being confined to a bed or wheelchair
  • People who are ventilator- or supplemental oxygen-dependent

How to enroll in the R.A.C.E Program

To enroll yourself or a loved one in this free, potentially life-saving program you may register online, call 636.970.9700, email us or stop by any one of our six stations. You will be asked to complete a simple questionnaire which asks some basic information regarding the nature of the special circumstance, the age of the person(s), address and telephone number.

Upon receipt of a completed enrollment form, an employee of the fire department will review the information to ensure that we have a thorough understanding of the situation. In some cases, we may contact you to request additional information. We may also ask for permission to come to your house to introduce ourselves and to familiarize ourselves with the layout and any special devices, such as medical equipment, that may be present.

How it works

The RACE Program follows a prescribed series of steps to alert the emergency responders of potential complications in the situation.

  • After an emergency occurs and someone calls 9-1-1.
  • The fire department is alerted and responds to the call for help.
  • If there is an indication of a RACE participant at that address, responding personnel will be prepared for the special circumstances.
  • Once alerted to the existence of a RACE program participant and their special circumstances, responding personnel can be more effective in their rescue efforts.

In an effort to keep the information current, a representative from the fire department will contact you every six months to verify that the information contained in our files remains accurate. You may also contact us at any time if your situation changes so that we can update our files.

All information we obtain for this program is kept strictly confidential. Only authorized emergency personnel have access to this private information. It will never be published or available for viewing by the general public.