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Recent Fires

Candles and smoking – they are both a leading cause of home fires, and both resulted in recent fires within the CCFR service area.

On April 19, careless smoking caused a fire at the Cactus RV Park and on April 24, a lit candle caused a fire in the 800 block of Red Tree Lane in the Sun River Village Apartment complex. The smoking fire resulted in a fatality, and two people were injured in the candle fire.


Every year, candles and smoking materials cause more than 100,000 house fires in the United States that result in more than 600 fatalities and thousands of injuries. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) lighted tobacco products are the leading cause of fatal fires in the home.

“Everyone needs to understand the real risks of smoking and lighting candles. These are open heat sources that can rapidly ignite things such as curtains and furniture,” says CCFR Chief Russ Mason.

Candle Safety

  • CCFR recommends using battery-operated candles.
  • Candles need to be:
    • At least a foot away from anything that can burn (curtains, walls, lamps, etc.)
    • Attended at all times
    • Used in sturdy, enclosed candleholders
    • Placed in areas where they cannot be tipped over
    • Avoided in homes where oxygen is used
  • In the event of a power outage use flashlights, or other battery-operated power, not candles to light your home.

Click here to learn more from NFPA.

Smoking Safety

  • Smoke outside
  • Never dispose of smoking materials in a plastic container or plastic trash bag
  • Use deep, wide ashtrays on a sturdy table
  • Douse ashes and cigarette butts with water before throwing them away
  • Avoid smoking in homes where oxygen is used
  • To prevent a deadly cigarette fire, you have to be alert. You won’t be if you are sleepy, have been drinking, or have taken medicine or other drugs.

Click here to learn more from NFPA.