Guy Sanfilippo - Central County Fire & Rescue

Guy Sanfilippo

Firefighter A-Shift

Served Since 2018

Guy SanFilippo joined Central County Fire & Rescue in July 2018.

He was drawn to the district for its wide variety of training opportunities — including heavy rescue, swift water rescue and boat operations, hazardous materials, confined space rescue and high angle technical rescue.

“One of the biggest challenges any first responder faces is staying current and mastering skills, because the fire service, as well as emergency medical service, is constantly evolving,” SanFilippo says, adding that the district’s mix of residential, commercial and industrial areas, as well as major highways and rivers, provides its firefighter/paramedics a constant opportunity to practice different skills.

SanFilippo became a firefighter to fulfill his strong desire to help people and serve the community — no matter how big or small the call.

“The job of a firefighter/paramedic has to be one of the most rewarding careers out there,” SanFilippo says. “I am very thankful and blessed to be doing what I am doing.”

He recalls one memorable call, which he compares to the stereotypical “cat stuck in a tree” situation.

“In this case, however, it wasn’t a cat stuck in a tree. It was a cell phone dropped in a sewer drain,” he says. “This goes to show you that there truly is no call too big or too small that we are asked to respond to.”

SanFilippo’s other favorite part of being a firefighter? The camaraderie.

He says a typical shift at the firehouse — normally 48 hours — includes truck checks, training, emergency response calls, changing and installing smoke detectors, a visit to the grocery story and an endless stream of jokes and humor.

When not at the firehouse, SanFilippo enjoys spending time with his family – including 15 nieces and nephews! — and friends. He serves on the board of the Mary McDermott Basketball Tournament, held in memoriam of his late sister-in-law, and plays softball and ice hockey.