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Firefighters, Local Residents To Receive Life-Saving Awards, New and Promoted Firefighters To Be Honored Tuesday Night.

What: Two teams of firefighters to be honored for life-saving efforts, and new and promoted firefighters to receive badges.

When: Tuesday, Nov. 25 • 6 p.m.

Where: CCFR Station #3 • 511 Willott Road • St. Peters, MO • 63376

Who: Acting CCFR Captain Eric Graham, Acting CCFR Engineer Justin Crady and CCFR Firefighter Matthew Aubuchon, Joshua Knop’s father Paul Knop, his mother Sarah Knop and brother Jake Knop will be presented with life saving awards for their efforts in saving 18-year-old Joshua’s life when he suffered cardiac arrest at home in October.

CCFR Captain Eric Weber, CCFR Acting Engineer Bradley Day and CCFR Firefighter James Hill will be presented with life saving awards for the clinical save of 81-year-old Paulene Reagan.

New Firefighters Arron Broagan and Kyle Tilley will be presented with Firefighter badges. Their family members will pin the badges on the new firefighters.

Engineer Eric Braatz will be presented with an Engineer badge for a recent promotion from firefighter.