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CCFR’s Newest Firefighter/Paramedics

CCFR recently welcomed three new firefighter/paramedics to its ranks: Justin Gaffron, Kyle Handley and Robert Spencer. This marks another step forward in CCFR’s quest to enhance its capacity to provide advanced life support (ALS) emergency medical services to the St. Peters community.

In 2016, prior to the community’s support of Proposition L, fewer than 15 percent of CCFR suppression staff members were trained paramedics. Now, less than three years later, that number has more than doubled, to 32 percent.

“We are extremely excited to have Rob, Kyle and Justin join our team,” CCFR Assistant Chief Steve Brown says. “With each new hire, we are not only moving closer to meeting national staffing levels on every shift, but also building a team that is best equipped to meet our community’s changing needs.”

Approximately half of the calls CCFR receives are EMS related, a number that continues to rise. The District’s goal is to put paramedics on all CCFR trucks so that crews can provide faster and more advanced life-saving care to area residents.

“Each of these new team members bring an incredible amount of experience from their time spent serving in other area districts,” Brown says. “We know they’re going to be a great asset to our community.”

The trio began their CCFR careers with orientation in early March, and have since been able to rotate through the District’s three shifts, getting to know the entire CCFR family in the process.

Gaffron, Handley and Spencer each said that they’re excited to join CCFR and view it as a great opportunity to advance their careers. Adds Spencer: “I knew I wanted to be part of a District that is a pillar in its community, and serves its citizens with top-of-the-line equipment.”

Learn more about our newest team members on our team page, and be on the lookout for them out and about in the community!