Central County Fire & Rescue, a leading emergency response organization, serves more than 90,000 people who live and work in St. Peters and St. Charles County, Missouri.  Along with local residents, the team of full-time firefighter/EMT's work together to keep the community safe.

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Justin Crady

Firefighter Justin CradyMeet one of CCFR's newest firefighters, Justin Crady.

1. Why did you become a firefighter?

I became a firefighter for a few different reasons that I strongly recall. I was raised in the home of a fireman, and let’s face it when you are brought up your whole life around firefighters you can’t help but to want to be a part of that; it is in your blood.  My Dad is a firefighter and the first time he took me to the firehouse and I got to sit in that big red fire truck I knew I wanted to become one too.