Fireplace Ashes Likely Sparked House Fire - Central County Fire & Rescue

Fireplace Ashes Likely Sparked House Fire

Delaware Drive House Fire

Firefighters Remind Residents To Properly Dispose of Ashes

When Central County Fire & Rescue (CCFR) firefighters arrived on the scene of a house fire in the 2200 block of Delaware Drive in unincorporated St. Charles County around 6:50 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 26, they found the rear of the home and the deck engulfed in flames. After the flames were extinguished, CCFR fire investigators discovered that fireplace ashes had been placed in a cardboard box on the deck, near the home that evening. These ashes sparked the fire, which caused more than $50,000 in damage to the home.

“Even though the ashes had cooled for nearly 24-hours in the fireplace, there was still enough heat to ignite the box, which led to the house fire. We have witnessed ashes as old as three days start fires like these, which is why it is so important to dispose of fireplace ashes in a metal container that is stored at least six-feet away from the home and deck,” said CCFR Assistant Chief Steve Brown.

On the night of the fire, a teenager who lives in the home smelled smoke, and heard crackling from outside. The family discovered the fire, quickly exited and called 911.

CCFR firefighters were assisted by the Cottleville Fire Protection District, the City of St. Charles Fire Department and the St. Charles County Ambulance District. There were no injuries.

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