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Gel Candle Safety

You’ve probably heard about the dangers of gel candles. Gel candles DO pose risks not present in their wax counterparts – though they’re not prone to “explosion,” as some sensationalist chain emails and news articles would have you believe.

Users of these candles should pay careful attention to the quality of their gel candles as the glass used to contain the goo is often not sufficiently resilient and can be prone to shattering as the candle heats up and expands, which can pose both cut and burn risks. Avoid burning these candles for more than 1-2 hours to avoid overheating. Do not leave candles unattended and let them cool completely before moving.

Gel candle users should also be mindful of potential flame flares, which have been reported with some brands. If you have a candle that flares up several inches, extinguish it immediately, allow to cool and dispose.

As with any candle, it’s important to keep a close eye on it while lit and keep out of reach of children.

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