CCFR Stands Down For Safety - Central County Fire & Rescue

CCFR Stands Down For Safety

Throughout this week, when not responding to emergency calls, the focus at CCFR has been on improving firefighter safety. When not on a call, firefighters have been in training classes to lean more about cleaning up emergency situations involving hydrogen cyanide, emergency vehicle safety and improved firefighter safety and wellness.

“The focus of this week long program is to emphasize the importance of firefighter safety. If the emergency responders are safe, they can better perform rescues and be there for the residents of the community,” explains CCFR Chief Russ Mason.

One unique feature of this year’s program is one on one health screenings with a healthcare professional. “The number one killer of firefighters is heart attacks,” says Mason. The hope is that with increased education and health screening, the number of firefighters injured on duty will decrease.