Tornado - Central County Fire & Rescue


Station 6 after stormCCFR fire station damaged in tornado, emergency responders still in service.

Within minutes of the tornado ripping through St. Charles on May 31, off-duty Central County Fire & Rescue firefighters were on their way to Fire Station 6, 1151 Jungs Station Road, which was in the path of the storm. When they arrived they found three engine bay doors that had been blown out by the storm, and one of their own injured.

Firefighters immediately began assisting their fellow firefighter and removing debris from fire trucks and untangled other equipment. “Based on the damage to the station, and the area, they knew that our residents would need their help, and they wanted to respond as quickly as possible,” says CCFR Chief Russ Mason.

The fire trucks and other equipment were not damaged by the storm, and the station was able to stay in service on a back-up generator. Station 6 was immediately established as the command post where emergency responses and assessments could be coordinated. “With the off-duty team’s rapid response we were able to put our two reserve trucks into service, which means two additional teams of emergency responders are on the street,” says Mason.

Firefighters conducted their first assessment of the area last night, assisting residents, clearing debris from roads and helping residents avoid dangerous situations. At 8 a.m. June 1, three crews began secondary assessments of areas most severely hit by the storm, looking for immediate hazards that could be a danger to residents. The injured firefighter was taken to the hospital for treatment and released.

“Now that the storm has passed it is still a dangerous situation in many of these neighborhoods,” says Mason. “There are downed power lines, blocked road and mounds of debris. We are here and ready to help anyone who needs assistance.”

CCFR recommends following these safety tips following the tornado:

  • Avoid downed power lines and trees
  • Avoid touching items that are near downed power lines
  • Do not attempt to cross flooded roads
  • Be cautious of exposed nails and broken glass
  • Do not use candles or any open flames